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About CITES Wildlife TradeView

CITES Wildlife TradeView is an interactive online tool for exploring and visualising CITES trade data. It enables users to visualise trends in international wildlife trade through three separate views:

  • Global overview: providing a high-level overview of global trade in CITES-listed species
  • Country view: exploring the CITES trade for one or more countries
  • Taxon view: exploring the CITES trade data for one or more species or taxonomic groups

Within each view, users can identify the top exporters, importers, trade terms, taxa in trade and source of the specimens in trade (e.g. wild, captive-bred) using custom filters. Individual graphs and accompanying data can also be downloaded.

The tool is directly linked to the CITES Trade Database (managed by UNEP-WCMC on behalf of the CITES Secretariat) and is automatically updated once CITES annual reports are entered into the trade database. It therefore provides a way to access the most up to date CITES trade data available. CITES Parties are required to report on trade by 31st October of the year following which the trade occurred.

The development of CITES Wildlife TradeView was made possible thanks to internal investment, and the financial support from the UK Research and Innovation’s Global Challenges Research Fund under the Trade, Development and the Environment Hub project (project number ES/S008160/1).

Financial support to maintain the underlying dataset held within the CITES Trade Database is provided by the CITES Secretariat.


If you have a query about CITES Wildlife TradeView, or CITES trade data, please contact us using the email address below, remember to include your name and organisation.

Email: species@unep-wcmc.org